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About the metal fittings of auto parts


Many polyurethane auto parts include steel fittings.

Engeneers of “Polyurethan” company use a steel of different grades for external and internal reinforcement of silent blocks, which corresponds to different hardness of the metal. For external fittings, less hard steel is used.

To prevent the steel part from rusting, a protective coating is applied to the metal from the outside. We use either galvanizing or staining.

The color of the galvanized part can vary from gray to yellowish. The color of the painted part depends only on the color of the paint, of course.

Please note: the color of the coating does not play any role.
It does not influence the quality of the part, nor the terms of its operation. The coating method used also has no significant impact on quality and productivity.

Everyone who purchases our parts can be sure: even if you are an extreme driver who regularly operates the car in difficult road conditions, the guarantee for our auto parts remains unchanged.

For all our parts, we give a guarantee of 1 year, regardless of operating conditions!


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