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Robust virus protection

Button pushers, door openers, touchers

The company “Polyurethan” began the production of individual contactless door openers – “touchers”. With them you can easily, without touching the contaminated surfaces, open the door of the store, office, press the button of an ATM or elevator.

There are several models of your choice In the line of contactless openers. The button pushers are made of lightweight and durable monolithic polycarbonate and fit comfortably in your hand. The design provides holes for suspension, and they can be used in the form of a key fob. The flat shape, small size and weight allow you to wear a “toucher” even in a small handbag.

Keys-touchers are simply cleaned with any disinfectant. Take care of yourself. Use contactless door openers. You will be more reliably protected from viruses and bacteria with them!

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