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Installing the recoil buffer for PPSh (VPO-135)

The installed recoil buffer PPSh is located between the shutter box and the shutter itself. To replace it, you need to make an incomplete disassembly of the weapon.

Procedure for installing a new PPSh shutter buffer:

  • disconnect the cartridge magazine
  • pressing the receiver latch, open the receiver,
  • lower the muzzle of the receiver down
  • slightly pull the bolt back with a right-up movement, remove it from the receiver,
  • move back to separate the return mechanism with the recoil buffer, remove the spring of the return mechanism
  • replace the recoil buffer by installing a new buffer with a flat surface to the bolt carrier;
  • replace the spring of the return mechanism,
  • make a complete assembly of the weapon and check its functioning.

before closing the top cover of the box with a latch, make sure that the shock absorber is pressed tightly against the rear wall of the bolt box. Otherwise, the shock absorber will interfere with the free movement of the shutter.


  1. Андрей

    Помогите решить проблему. После выстрела из ппш (охолощенный) открывается крышка ствольной коробки.

    • Polyurethan

      Если проблема возникает после установки полиуретанового буфера отдачи, то можем посоветовать обточить отбойник по периметру.

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