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How to Fasten the “Double Grip” Lashing Strap

We show how to secure oversized cargo during transportation in a vehicle. One of the simplest and most reliable methods we have tested is with the “Double Grip” polyurethane lashing straps. Since the method of fastening these fastening belts is not obvious to everyone, we offer detailed instructions.

At each end of the “Double Grip” strap, there is a pair of sequentially located thrust clamps – grips. To fasten the strap, take one end in your hands and thread both of its stop clips into any desired hole from the lengths of this strap.

Next, thread the end retainer of the same grip into the adjacent hole.

Align both clamps until they stop firmly with their shoulders in the hole (perpendicular to the fastening strap). This gives you a one-grip strap connection.

Proceeding in the same way, secure the second strap grip in the mounting hole. You will get a very tight lashing strap connection.

Using this fastening principle, you can form one loop, two loops on the lashing strap, and also fasten several straps together, reaching the required length to fix the overall load.

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