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CV joints dust boots for different climatic regions

The company “Polyurethane” launches the production of CV joints dust boots from polyurethanes with various properties. This will give the CV boots the characteristics that best suit the operating conditions of the vehicle.
CV joints dust boots made of PU54 / M71 polyurethane (orange) are designed for mild climates, where frosts do not exceed –20 ˚С. In these regions, the snow cover does not last long, and the cars are often operated in dusty and dirty conditions. Therefore, the material used for these CV dust boots has high resistance to abrasion and tear, that is, it can successfully withstand particles of dry dust and wet mud, reliably and for a long time protecting the constant velocity joint.
Another type of CV boots is frost-resistant. These auto parts do not lose their elasticity and have high elasticity even in frosts of -50 ° C and below. Complete with them it is planned to offer a special frost-resistant grease. This will eliminate the troubles with the gap of the CV joints dust boots when the lubricant freezes. They are made of PU54 / E72 polyurethane (red).
CV joints dust boots of both types will appear on the site in the near future, and they can be ordered.
Now everyone can choose the anther that is best suited for specific climatic conditions.

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