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Fasteners for yachts and boats

The season of active travel on yachts and boats is ending in many regions. Owners will prepare their vessels for winter storage. At this time, it is convenient to take care of preparing places for storing those items that you need to have on the ship. In this case you will need polyurethane mounts for storing brushes, buckets, fire extinguisher etc.. Our advice: don’t postpone the installation of mounting hardware until the spring! Perhaps you’ll forget exactly where you planned to install an additional pocket or mount for fishing rods, a flashlight during the winter. It is nice to see in spring that a clean well-kept boat is just waiting to be launched! Polyurethane mounts are durable, they are not afraid of frost, they are resistant to temperature extremes and sunlight. 

If you join our  FB Siberian Suspension Group you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any fixtures.

fasteners for yachts and boats

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