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Polyurethane Company Today

The company “Polyurethan” specializes in the production of injection molded polyurethane. The modern material polyurethane is actively used in everyday life and industry as an analogue of rubber, plastic and even metal. Polyurethan LLC was established in 2005 in the main scientific center of Siberia – the Novosibirsk Academgorodok.


On the basis of our production capacities, we produce in serial and custom order:

• spare parts for tuning cars and motorcycles;
• spare parts for special equipment,
• spare parts for industrial equipment,
• shockproof plastic windshields for snowmobiles, watercraft and motor vehicles.
mounts for transportation and storage of tools and luggage
household goods.

Today we produce more than 10,000 items. All of them are available for purchase from our warehouses through the online store of the company. Delivery of goods is carried out throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.


From year to year, our company carries out the modernization of its production. The gradual change of raw materials and production equipment to more modern makes our products better, and our capabilities are wider.

Thanks to our own technical developments of our engineers and technologists, the assortment is expanding, new areas in production are opening up. because polyurethane can be widely used in everyday life, (in addition to industrial equipment, automobiles and special equipment).

More than 300 new products are launched into serial production annually.

Attention to customer reviews

We launch the production of new products, only after we take into account the wishes of our customers. In addition, we often change the design of products already on sale, based on product reviews. As a manufacturer, we strive to maximize the benefits of polyurethane in products.

Efficiency and Reliability

Thanks to the effective solutions of our team and the introduction of new technologies, the company is developing rapidly and has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier in the market. Today, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of polyurethane products. We are actively represented both on the Russian market and on the territory of neighboring countries. The number of our customers from the countries of Europe, Asia, and America is increasing every year.

We are not going to stop there and are ready for a constructive dialogue with new partners and customers. The company “Polyurethane” is always glad to mutually beneficial cooperation. Our goal is the promotion of high-quality services and high-quality Russian-made goods to the market.

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