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Holders for transporting Rotopax and Extreme cans

We present to you truly universal polyurethane mounts for any type of flat Extreme and Rotopax cans. Fasteners become durable through the use of reinforced polyurethane. This allows to dampen vibrations when you are driving off-road (more about polyurethane).

for any type of flat cans

To install and remove the canister, you do not need to completely unscrew the mount, just turn the knob. Another feature of the mount: when the can is removed, a bolt does not stick out, which you can catch on. This increases the safety during operation and transportation of the canister undoubtedly.

In addition to fasteners, our company produces a large assortment of wing-keys, polyurethane cuffs (gaskets) for the covers of expeditionary cans Extreme and Rotopax.

Wrenches for can caps will help you to easily open the capacity even with little effort.

Gaskets (cuffs) of covers with plastic for Extreme cans with a filling nozzle and Rotopax canisters. Polyurethane cuffs are used instead of rubber. A plastic insert is used together with the cuff in case of loss of the plug of the filling nozzle for temporary sealing of the hole in the cap.

Polyurethane cuffs are used instead of rubber

We suggest you try the fasteners for Extreme and Rotopax cans in operation. We will accept any of your wishes to improve and expand the range of polyurethane mounts with pleasure.

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