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Universal clamps for transportation of equipment

Especially for owners of SUVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, yachts, boats and special equipment! Our company offers useful universal clamps made of polyurethane for transporting the necessary tools and equipment.

For the production of all fasteners we use frost-resistant polyurethane. So universal clamps are successfully used outside the vehicle. Moreover, fasteners do not lose their properties even at low temperatures below 50 ° C!

In addition, polyurethane has a water-repellent effect and is not affected by UV rays, which is important for extreme travel (more about the properties of polyurethane).

Universal fastenings for the transportation of equipment facilitate and make safe the transportation of any tool and bulk cargo. Tools, weapons, equipment for hunting and fishing, you can easily fix and quickly get in an emergency.

Advantages of clamps from Polyurethan LLC:

• reliable fixing without vibrations and extraneous noise
• elastic material does not damage the fixed object
• simple and quick extraction of a fixed item

Simplicity, convenience and reliability are what distinguish our mounts from products of other manufacturers.

In the assortment of our company there are many options for bundling products with each other. In stock, there are always fastenings of different colors – from white to black. Therefore, you can always choose the mount you need in color and functionality.

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