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The history of Polyurethan LLC

The Polyurethan LLC products are primarily intended  for outdoor enthusiasts and for those who are used to appreciate their time. This is no coincidence, because the creators of the company are just such people. And it all began that they were fond of hunting, snowmobiling and traveling in the Altai Mountains. Working in a completely different field, the future founder of the company regularly faced with the absence of goods that could make off-road trips more comfortable, would allow less frequent replacement of the damaged parts of the suspension, and moreover, do not have to do emergency repairs during the holidays.

off-road expeditions
Off-road expeditions

Of course, unforeseen travel difficulties for extreme lovers are not a problem, but replacing bushes and other rubber parts was too often. Finally, information was found on spare parts with increased wear resistance made of a material called polyurethane.).

the first polyurethane auto part
The first polyurethane auto part

It really wanted to check as quickly as possible whether the bushings made of polyurethane would last longer. The first part – the spring sleeve – was machined on a lathe in the garage. In the same garage, this and other parts were immediately installed on the TLC SUV (Toyota Land Cruiser). Field test results exceeded expectations. Difficulties with the replacement of spring bushings are a thing of the past. They began to replace the other bushings. Experiments began with a more advanced technology – casting and manufacturing of more complex metal-reinforced parts.

Soon, on the same Toyota Land Cruiser, polyurethane was replaced with most of the rubber components, including engine mountings, bump stoppers, door sills and mudguards. Then tuning was done. Such parts were made that the manufacturer did not produce for this car. For example, the dust boots on the headlamp and a cover on the steering wheel were made. A new hobby aroused interest among friends and acquaintances. Soon, it was decided to do this more seriously. A small production site was launched and the first retail outlet opened. We began to accept applications for manufacturing from friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and colleagues. So in 2005 the Polyurethan company was appeared.

the first car which polyurethane auto parts where installed
The first car which polyurethane auto parts where installed

In 2007, an online store was opened and a branded orange color product was selected. Later, a sale department was opened in Moscow, and a company’s warranty car service, which specializes in the installation of polyurethane spare parts was opened in Novosibirsk. The first official dealers appeared in Krasnoyarsk, Chita and Khabarovsk. Further, the network of representatives across Russia rapidly expanded: from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and in the CIS countries. Since 2010, deliveries abroad has began.

The Polyurethan LLC team. At the beginning.
The Polyurethan LLC team. At the beginning.

Specialists of the “Polyurethan” company conduct unique developments to increase the frost resistance of products – properties that are especially relevant in cold climates. In 2013, for the first time on the world market, a batch of products from frost-resistant polyurethane appeared on sale. Products were successfully tested not only in laboratory conditions, but also in winter in Yakutia, where winter temperatures are -40˚C and below.

Polyurethan LLC takes part in the International Exibition
Polyurethan LLC takes part in the International Exibition

A separate direction of the production of spare parts for special equipment and industrial equipment has opened in connection with increasing demand. At the same time, in accordance with the interests of the founder of the company, the range of products for outdoor activities, for snowmobiling and hunting is constantly expanding. The company employees love to experiment with the use of polyurethane in clothing items: they made a polyurethane waist belt, laces, and devices for walking on ice.

The Polyurethane team. 10 years.
The “Polyurethan” team. 10 years.

Today the “Polyurethan” company offers auto parts for almost all brands of cars, has representatives in 120 cities, satisfied customers in 70 countries.

Spring bushings, with which it all began, sold by 2020 more than 16,000 pieces.

the first cars with polyurethane auto parts
The first cars with polyurethane auto parts