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Goods for hunting and shooting sports

Barrel and butt mounts

A wide range of mounts for transporting weapons and hunting equipment on vehicles. Facilitate the transportation of weapons, make it possible to optimally use the space in the car, on a snowmobile, on an ATV. Our mounts allow you to mount a ready-to-use gun as conveniently as possible.

Attaching the carabiner to the snowmobile

We have developed a special mount for snowmobile carabiners that reliably fixes the weapon to the cartridge magazine and receiver. The strap holds the weapon securely in place, and when unfastened allows you to quickly bring the weapon into readiness.

Mount for a gun case

The gun case mount is adjustable in size and is suitable for bulky cases (with foam), as well as cases for rifles with an optical sight. The variable base shape is suitable for installation on uneven surfaces such as the hood of a snowmobile.

Mount in a weapon safe

Special offer for storing firearms in a safe. The stocks for the barrels and the buttstock made of elastic polyurethane material securely fix the gun without the possibility of damaging its appearance. More durable than rubber analogs.

HolderS for cartridges

Cartridge nets, clips and stands simplify and streamline the storage and transportation of cartridges, prevent friction and collisions between them, and protect them from damage. They allow you to sort cartridges and cases by caliber and, if necessary, unmistakably select the one you need.

Bandolier on the gun butt

A cartridge belt for the buttstock allows you to quickly and silently reload the gun. Designed for 6 rounds from 12 to 20 caliber. The polyurethane bandolier is worn on either side of the stock using elastic retaining rings that do not damage the stock. Does not tan in the cold, does not age and wear.

Polyurethane sheath

For knives with blade lengths up to 180 mm. Suitable for fastening both on a belt and on any surface, for example, the body of a vehicle – on an SUV, on a snowmobile, on an ATV, etc. Protect the blade from dullness, avoid damage to the surrounding objects and people with a knife.

Weapon safety checkbox

Pistol safety flag is for competition and training use. A flag indicates that the weapon is unloaded and ready for safe training and storage.

Made from resilient polyurethane, it won’t ruin your weapon.

Backs on the butt

The backs on the butt allow you to adjust the length of the butt to the anthropometric data of a particular shooter. Designed to soften the impact at the time of the shot (recoil) and increase the stability of the weapon when aiming.

Recoil buffer

The recoil buffer prevents the bolt carrier from hitting the receiver, which reduces firing noise and extends the life of metal parts. In addition, the perception of the recoil force is softened, the impact load on the sights is reduced.

Mount the underbarrel flashlight

Universal, quick-release mount. By changing the fixing element from conventional screws to a specially designed a bolt with a thumb grip, a flashlight with a mount can be quickly dismantled from the gun without using a screwdriver.

For cartridge magazines

The cartridge magazine cover protects the magazine from dust and dirt, as well as damage from drops or impacts. Magazine pairing allows you to connect 2 magazines together, which maximizes the speed of changing a used magazine to a new one.

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