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Ручка резьбовая шар (ручка рычага)

Polyurethane threaded handle is used as a replaceable screw-on attachment for handles, equipment levers for ease of operation.

The handle is made of wear-resistant polyurethane in the shape of a ball with an internal metal thread. The ball does not lose color and shape over time, does not dry out and does not age like rubber. Resistant to corrosion, abrasion and other types of damage.

Polyurethane handles are no less wear-resistant than all-metal handles, while they have a number of advantages: they are dielectrics, which makes them safer to use for electric breakers, shields, electrical equipment, and are also much more pleasant to use in the cold.

Polyurethane is resistant to aggressive media: oils, oil products. Atmospheric and moisture resistant. Dirt is not absorbed and does not stick, the handle is easy to clean from any dirt.

Such handles are used to control devices, machines, cranes and control panels. Non-standard use for joysticks, gearshift levers is also possible.

What to consider when choosing a ball handle?

  1. Thread diameter: from M5 to M12.
  2. Size (outer diameter) of the ball: from 20mm to 65mm.
  3. Thread material (galvanized steel or stainless steel). In high humidity or aggressive environments, we recommend the version with a stainless steel.
  4. Handle color. The most popular colors are always available: black, orange, green. Any other color is possible on request.

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