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Advantages of polyurethane in the manufacture of spare parts for industrial equipment

полиуретановые ленты и ремни для промышленного оборудования

In the manufacture of industrial equipment parts, the full range of advantages of polyurethane is manifested, its superiority over predecessor materials is obvious.

  • Elasticity, flexibility, resilience is important for parts such as belts, transmission and others; shaft strips, hoses, connecting tubes. These polyurethane parts are used in almost any industrial equipment. Also, for such parts, the resistance of polyurethane to aggressive environments and to corrosion is often important. Polyurethane seals, elastic elements of couplings, linings, gaskets, bumpers – an excellent solution for drilling rigs, mining equipment.
  • Hardness, elasticity and wear resistance – an excellent combination for the manufacture of rollers and wheels for bogies, rollers, conveyors, sprockets, pressure rollers, escalator parts, including subways, travelators, gear wheels and rollers for cars. It is important that hardness is combined with elasticity and does not damage surfaces and objects in contact with parts, increasing the service life of the equipment.
  • Resistance to aggressive media, abrasion resistance in combination with resistance to mechanical stress (wear resistance) makes it possible to manufacture blades and blades for concrete mixers, scrapers for road rollers and other equipment.
  • Hardness and corrosion resistance are in demand in the manufacture of sprockets, gears, rollers, which are usually made of steel or non-ferrous metals. Polyurethane parts will last 2-3 times longer than metal ones. This reduces the noise level in the operating mechanisms. Therefore, they are perfect for use in printing equipment, beverage filling lines, food processing equipment, etc.
  • Wear resistance and sound-absorbing properties are indispensable in the production of screens for screens and cleaning balls for concentration plants. Also, sieves for sifting grain and bulk food mixtures are manufactured.
  • Vibration resistance combined with wear resistance makes it possible to manufacture various vibration dampers: dampers, shock absorbers, pillows, vibration mountings, elastic hinges for industrial, laboratory equipment, and household appliances.
  • Dielectric properties are important for the manufacture of insulators for electrical equipment. Switch levers, knife switches. Especially for outdoor use.
  • Frost resistance and resistance to significant temperature changes are important in the manufacture of rollers, shafts, seals for the mining industry, for equipment that operates in severe winters, in the open air, while being exposed to significant heating, friction, and vibration.

Dirt resistance, mold resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity are in demand in almost all industries. Environmental safety is now a priority everywhere. And here products made of polyurethane are again indispensable.

If you haven’t used polyurethane parts in your production yet, it’s time to start. And you will appreciate all the benefits of this truly wonderful material. Our team is working to ensure that your equipment works and does not need to be repaired as long as possible.

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