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Installation instructions for composite silent blocks

Dismantling and installation of composite silent blocks of the front levers, replacement of vertical silent blocks.

Attention! Start installing silent blocks only if you are confident in your skills and have at least a little experience in the repair and installation of auto parts. Acting ineptly, you can damage both the suspension arms and silent blocks. If you doubt your abilities, we recommend using the services of specialists at a service station.

  1. Jack up the vehicle. Remove the front suspension arm. Remove the anthers.
  2. Prepare a new silent block. Choose a mandrel for pressing out the silent blocks. The mandrel must match the outside diameter of the metal sleeve.
  1. Dismantle the old front arm bushing. Work should be done carefully so as not to damage the seat, otherwise there will be problems with the installation of a new part.
  2. Remove dirt, corrosion and burrs from the seat.
  3. Prepare the press-fit surface with a good lubrication. It is advisable to use a grease lubricant.
  4. Install the new part by pressing it in (preferably with a press). Perform pressing without heating.
  1. After completing the pressing-in of the silent block, put the anthers on it.
  2. Install the control arm in the reverse order of removal.

Attention! Make the final tightening of the silent blocks after your car is on the surface, under load (under the weight of the car).

Note. The front arm bushings do not need to be tightened under load, but this only applies to composite bushings, so tighten all bushings under load to avoid confusion.


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