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Recoil buffers for SVT

Recoil buffers (shock absorber, damper, bump stop) for SVT are designed to be installed on the return spring of carbines developed on the basis of the Tokarev self-loading rifle (SVT-38, SVT-40). First of all, for the OSK-88 hunting carbine.

The rebound buffer reduces the impact of recoil on the shooter, prevents the receiver from breaking from the bolt blows.

Fenders for CBT are made of polyurethane of two types of hardness and differ in color: softer orange (72 Shore A, scale A), harder green (80 Shore A scale)

Hardness preferences are usually quite subjective. Therefore, we recommend purchasing products in pairs – in two types of hardness at once and choose the one you like after testing in practice. For shooting in the cold, it is better to choose a softer version (orange). Other colors are available upon request.

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