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Installation of the recoil buffer of the SKS carbine

Installation can be done on your own and does not require the use of additional tools. Before installing the buffers, make an incomplete disassembly of the carbine.

The small (semicircular) buffer fits directly into the receiver cover. The landing should be tight – this serves as a guarantor of the absence of distortions and shifts that can interfere with the stable behavior of the weapon. The bumper is installed in the groove of the cover, as shown in the photo. In the future, a return spring will fit into the bumper hole.

In some cases, it may be necessary to slightly trim the edges of the recoil buffer to customize it.

A large part is installed in the corresponding groove of the receiver and in the working position should not protrude upward from the receiver.

Next, we return the return mechanism to its place and assemble the weapon. After assembly, a functional check is carried out and, if necessary, further fitting in size.

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