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Properties, characteristics of the applied PC

The general characteristics of the monolithic polycarbonate we use in the production are given in the table.

Properties / Thickness2mm3mm4mm5mm6mm8mm10mm12mm
Weight, kg / m22,43,64,867,29,61214,4
Minimum bending radius, m0,30,450,60,750,91,21,51,8
Airborne Sound Insulation Index (not less)16 dB 18 dB19 dB 20 dB 21 dB 23 dB25 dB 26 dB 
Heat transfer resistance, m2*C/W0,17 – 0,180,180,18 – 0,190,190,20,2 – 0,210,21 – 0,220,23
Light transmission88,5%88%87%86,5%86%86%86%84%
Absorbed impact energy, Nm>200>200>400>400>400>400>400>400
Tensile strength67.2 MPa
Elongation at break9.9%  10.7%

Physical and mechanical characteristics: comparison with glass

CharacteristicSilicate glass (“regular”)Monolithic polycarbonate
Thickness, mm44
Weight, kg / m29,44,8
Minimum bending radius R min., m0,6
Heat transfer coefficient, W / m2 • ° С5,83,8-4,1 
Vicat heat resistance, ° C600145
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion K-1 • 10-50,96,5
Tensile strength, MPa3,457,7 
Charpy impact strength of notched specimen, kJ / m235
Impact resistance according to Gardner (J)>400
Maximum bending strength MPa, not less73,67
Light transmission coefficient,%8985

UV protective layer

All sheets of monolithic polycarbonate are covered with a protective UV layer of optimal concentration and thickness (not less than 40 microns – 60 microns) on both sides of the sheet.

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