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How to choose marking of polyurethane?

We use different polyurethane markings on our website. The line with the marking takes the third place after the name and article In the product card. This is an important characteristic. Please pay attention to it when ordering parts.

Some cards will have only one marking, and there is no need to choose. You can see several markings to choose from In other cards . Be careful and choose the one that suits you best. Then this marking will be transferred to the basket, where you can check again and make sure that you have chosen exactly the one you need.

Here’s what these markings might look like:
PU54 / M87 / blue
PU54 / E72 / red

Let’s analyze what the letters and numbers in the markings mean. PU54 is an invariable characteristic, it stands for the “brand name” of polyurethane, developed by the technologists of the Polyurethan company.
The letters M or E (rarely K) after the slash are the designation of polyol mixtures used in the manufacture of polyurethane for these parts. The letter E stands for especially frost-resistant polyurethane, the letter M stands for polyurethane with increased abrasion resistance.
The numbers that are most often used: 72, 80, 87. This is the designation of the hardness of polyurethane on the Shore A scale. These 3 types of hardness are used for the serial production of auto parts: silent blocks, bushings, spacers, CV joint dust boots. In addition, we use other hardnesses in the manufacture of individual orders; eg 65, 98 Shore A. Read more about the hardness of polyurethane …

Then, after the slash, the polyurethane color is indicated. Colors used in serial production of auto parts: orange, red, blue, green. Each color except red corresponds to one hardness and is needed only for more convenient orientation.

These matches are:

Orange: 72 – 67 to 75 Shore A
Red: 72 – 67 to 75 Shore A (super cold resistant)
Green: 80 – 75 to 83 Shore A
Blue: 87 – 83 to 91 Shore A

Red is used in the manufacture of spare parts intended for use in areas with severe winters, where temperatures are often below -20 ° C, and indicates increased frost resistance. Read more about the color of polyurethane…

Be especially careful when ordering CV joint dust boots. Check your selected markings when creating an order and recheck them first in the basket, and then when you receive an automatic email with a list of the ordered.

The colors of fasteners, accessories and other polyurethane products have no meaning and are only used to create an external effect.

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