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Replacement and installation of rear beam silent blocks

The company “Polyurethane” produces more than fifty rear beam silent blocks. Among them there are silent blocks without an outer sleeve, and with a pressed-in inner sleeve and with a welded one, and of the “candy” type.

The installation process is about the same for them. It is most convenient to carry out work when the machine is on a lift.

The sequence of work when replacing the rear beam silent block

1. Drive the car onto a lift. The lift arm should not be in the same plane as the beam bracket.

2. Dismantle the suspension beam. Be sure to remove the parking brake cable. In some cases, it is possible to do without dismantling, but this will complicate subsequent work.

3. Brackets have special staples that hold the brake hoses. Remove the staples.

4. Dismantle the old beam bushing. Work should be done carefully so as not to damage the seat, otherwise there will be problems with the installation of a new part.

5. Clean the seat from dirt, corrosion and burrs.

6. Lubricate the cleaned surface of the seat.

7. Press in a new silent block on the press. When pressing in, make sure that the silent block is not distorted. To do this, you must initially set the silent block straight.

8. Assemble the beam in the reverse order.

The process of pressing in silent blocks with and without an outer sleeve is demonstrated in these videos.

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