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Instructions for installing a butt pad on a folding frame stock

The company Polyurethane presents to you a brief instruction on how to install the butt pad on a folding frame stock. On the example of kits numbered 42-20-115 and 42-20-014, designed for Saiga (SOK) / Saiga-9 / Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK).

Complete set 42-20-115

Supplied complete with plugs in the hole (2 pcs.), Grover washers (2 pcs.), Hex nuts with notches (2 pcs.), Washers (2 pcs.), Screws (2 pcs.).

Step 1

Putting the washer on the screw, thread it into the mounting hole of the butt pad, then into the hole on the butt.

Step 2

Next, on the reverse side, we put on a grover washer on the thread and screw on a hex nut with notches. Then we tighten with a screwdriver and do the same with the second mounting hole, putting the washer on the screw, thread it into another hole, then onto the thread with the grover washer, screw on the hex nut with notches.

The tightening force is at your discretion, but it is recommended to achieve the most tight connection, which will eliminate the “dangling” of the butt pad.

Step 3

Not mandatory, but rather aesthetic. Installation of plugs allows you to achieve the integrity of the entire structure, without the visibility of the mounting elements.

Complete set 42-20-014

Supplied in a complete set with a hex wrench, two screws and two washers to properly fit the butt pad to the folding stock.

Step 1

We pass the screws with washers into the holes on the inside of the butt.

Step 2

From the outside, we apply the butt plate with the corresponding holes on it.

Step 3

With the key included in the kit, we tighten the screws tightly, holding and pressing the butt plate to the butt. There should not be any gaps.

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