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Instructions for installing a polyurethane butt pad on the butt

Today we will introduce you to the simplest instructions for installing the Polyurethane Butt Pad on a rifle butt.

Getting to know the butt pad

It has a sporty feel with additional shock-absorbing slots that enhance the recoil cushioning at the time of the shot. It can be produced in various colors.

This Polyurethane backplate has “hidden” mounting holes to mask installation marks and create a cohesive look.

The two holes on the back side are technical – they are not through, but are obtained in the course of “manufacturing”.


Step 1

Cut or pierce the hidden mounting holes.

Step 2

Insert self-tapping screws into them (not supplied in this kit) or another type of hardware, depending on what you attach the back plate to.

Step 3

Lean the butt pad against the landing holes in the butt and screw in both screws as tightly as possible.

If necessary, you can always adjust the butt plate to the shape of the butt by cutting it yourself in place.


That’s all. The polyurethane butt pad is installed, fits snugly and is ready for use.

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