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Installing silent blocks with an outer metal ring

1. Preparing the mounting seat surface:

Regardless of their design, silent blocks are installed by press fitting. To facilitate installation, we recommend cleaning corrosion and residue left by the part being replaced from the inner surface of the mounting seat.

The following requirements apply to the mounting seat surface: the walls of the holes must be free of burrs and scoring; the lead-in chamfer must be prominent and its sharp edges blunted. Neglecting these requirements can result in damage to the silent block.

2. Selecting the pressing cylinder:

In order to press-fit silent blocks that have metal cylindrical outer surfaces without collars, you simply need a hollow pressing cylinder (of a size to admit the inner sleeve or the polyurethane layer of a part). The diameter of the pressing cylinder must exceed the external diameter of the part to be press-fit by 2 – 3 mm; the faces of the pressing cylinder must be perpendicular to its axis (fig.1).

If the silent block is designed to fit inside the mounting seat, the pressing cylinder’s outside diameter must be 0.5 – 0.7 mm less than the diameter of the silent block (fig. 2).

It is advisable to use a lubricant and perform the press fit on a press without heating.

Press-fit requirements: prior to pressing, make sure that the inner sleeve, which is longer than the outer ring, is not in contact with the bedplate (the base of the press) and moves freely into the hollow pressing cylinder head that has been placed in position for this purpose. The surfaces must be parallel; misalignment is unacceptable!!!


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