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Silent block “candy” with a pressed-in inner sleeve

Modern cars have different suspension designs. As the suspension design becomes more complex, silent blocks of a more complex configuration appear. One of these silent blocks is a “candy” (or “eared”) type silent block.

A “candy” type silent block has “softness zones” like a silent block with a vertical axis in the suspension unit. And there is an internal reinforcing bushing, completely different from the bushing of any other silent block. It is this sleeve that is the distinguishing feature of this type of silent blocks and gives them a shape similar to candy.

Such silent blocks often fail due to the separation of rubber from metal. To increase the durability of the “candy” type silent block, we tried to apply the same methods that previously made it possible to reduce the likelihood of failure of parts of a simpler design.

In order to exclude the separation of the internal reinforcement and the rupture of the polymer layer, it was decided to make the internal reinforcement composite and pressed into polyurethane. Since polyurethane is more resistant to abrasion than rubber, this design is only suitable for polyurethane silent blocks and is not suitable for rubber products.

The period of operation of the polyurethane silent block with a pressed-in sleeve increases. Also, to increase the working life of the silent block, grooves are made in the seat of the inner sleeve that contain grease.

The construction of the polyurethane “candy” bushing also provides soft zones. Such zones are comparable to the original ones in terms of rigidity. And to prevent the axial movement of the inner bushing, two fixing washers are installed.

For more information on installation, see the Installation Guide for Candy-Type bushings.


  1. Эдуард

    как эти половинки соединяются не понятно, это реально что-то вроде подшипника, а чего ещё не придумаешь, если отрывает полиуретан от обоймы. Уже три варианта придумали, сделайте один нормально чтоб ходил!

    • Polyurethan

      Эдуард, прежде всего спасибо за отзыв.

      Половинки держатся за счёт того что они впрессованны во внутреннюю втулку, конструкция замечательно себя показывает. Мне кажется намного хуже, если зная какую-то проблему не пытаться её решить и стоять на месте.

  2. Сергей

    Я заказывал вклеенные “конфеты” таких не видел на свою модель. Кое где по внешней обойме начало отклеиваться. На ММС каризма есть такие “конфетки”?

    • Polyurethan

      Сергей, на Каризму ещё не производим в таком варианте.

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