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Car service Installation and warranty center

Our company has its own car service: Installation and warranty center Polyurethan LLC. It is equipped with all necessary for diagnostics, full repair and maintenance of vehicles.

Carservice Installation and warranty center.

The installation center performs ongoing car repairs, and also helps to test samples of products in real conditions. On the basis of our car service, we quickly identify “bottlenecks” in the production technology of auto parts from polyurethane and, ultimately, this allows us to constantly improve the quality of products and expand the range.

Qualified car service mechanics serve cars of all brands and light trucks. We carry out such repairs at the Installation and Warranty Center POLIURETHAN:

  • replacement of oil, brake and technical fluids in a car
  • replacement of shock absorbers, silent blocks, cv joint dust boots, steering rack, automatic transmission, brake pads and discs, replacement of a rack, as well as other components of the car chassis
  • repair of internal combustion engines
  • car computer diagnostics
  • disc groove
  • suspension tuning repair
  • other car repair and auto parts replacement work

Oil change and running diagnostics are carried out for our customers free of charge if they purchase auto parts from us.

In addition to professional servicing of their car when installing Polyurethane LLC products, customers receive an extended 3-year service guarantee for both the product itself and its installation.

The 3-year warranty is valid if there are marks on the car passing free preventive examinations at the Polyurethane service station (every 10,000 km or 6 months).

Why do not all auto services install polyurethane auto parts?

  • Inadequate qualification of the mechanic. The mechanic did not install polyurethane before and is not sure that he will cope.
  • The repairer does not want to lose earnings. Rubber parts need to be replaced more often and, accordingly, more often to pay for the installation.
  • Car service partner with another parts manufacturer

What do you need to do if your mechanic does not want to install auto parts on your car?

We are the only ones in Novosibirsk who professionally install polyurethane spare parts with a 3-year warranty.

Clients of the Installation Center are confident that their costs for the purchase of spare parts are fully justified.


  • A full range of polyurethane auto parts for all brands of cars is constantly available.
  • Skilled craftsmen with extensive experience
  • 3 year extended warranty for parts
  • Free running diagnostics every 10 thousand kilometers (or every six months) as part of warranty


  1. Александр

    Хороший Автосервис мне очень все понравилось, все сделано очень качественно и хорошо, персонал отзывчивый.

    Приехал не с близкого района, от Новосибирска 350 км, с Томской области.

    • Polyurethan

      Александр, спасибо за отзыв. Приятной эксплуатации и ждём от Вас обратную связь.

  2. Nik

    Парням с сто респект. Обращался в автосервис на Строителях, нужно было установить сайленты 2-06-51-51 на nissan Note/ цену дали нормальную, но сказали, что нужно обтачивать. Что-то мне это не понравилось. Обратился в ваше фирменное СТО в Бердске. Установили за ту же цену без обтачки. Дали гарантию 3 года. Спасибо. Постараюсь через полгода написать продолжение, как всё ходит.

  3. Nik

    Попроавка: автосервис, в котором мне непрофессионально предложили отточить сайленты, находится на Демакова. Довольно известная сеть, что неприятно. Извиняюсь, автосервис на Строителях ни при чём.

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