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Why some auto mechanics are reluctant to install polyurethane parts

Sometimes some of our customers come to us with the same problem: the masters in the car service dissuaded them from installing polyurethane spare parts. Motivation varied. And sometimes it even happened without any intelligible explanations: “take rubber, it’s just better this way”!

We decided to conduct a survey among our customers and find out how often they encounter the reluctance of mechanics to install polyurethane parts.

The poll showed that at least 7% of those who bought spare parts from us face the reluctance of the master to install “polyurethane”. We asked some of them to tell in more detail what happened. And in this way, we learned many amazing stories. We will not retell all the stories, but we will give two cases as an example.

Quite recently, one of our customers from Siberia at the service station was offered to grind the silent block, referring to the fact that otherwise it “will not fit.” The man was puzzled and turned to us for a car service, where everything was safely installed without any alterations.

The master tried to convince another client from the Far East that the silent block with a pressed-in sleeve is a defective product! The so-called specialist believed that the sleeve should be firmly glued. In this case, the car owner was faced with obvious incompetence. An employee of a fairly well-known network of service centers contrived not to know that silent blocks of a similar design have been produced for many years not only in our country, but also by well-known companies in other countries.

So we could collect a whole collection of bizarre delusions of hapless “craftsmen” and other “garage advisors”. These words do not in any way apply to those skilled car owners who repair their cars themselves and, indeed, can give good advice not only to a neighbor in the garage, but also to many professionals. Such people often become our regular customers.

So why do some technicians refuse to install “polyurethane”? Is incompetence the only reason?

  • The first and very commonplace option is, indeed, insufficient qualifications of the master. The mechanic has never installed polyurethane parts before and is not sure he can handle it.
  • The second reason is that the employee of the installation center does not want to lose earnings for installation services: customers have to change rubber parts more often and, accordingly, pay for installation each time. By installing the same “polyurethane”, most customers forget about the problems with the suspension for a long time.
  • The third, also common reason: the car service works with other auto parts manufacturers. It often happens that garages even set a plan to sell parts for a particular brand. Unfortunately, in this case, many craftsmen will prefer their own benefit to the client’s benefit.

What if you want to install “polyurethane”, but are not sure that your master will be able to correctly install everything?

  1. If you are a resident or a guest of the Novosibirsk region, use the company car service of Polyurethan LLC and get there an extended 3-year warranty.
  2. Get installation advice: in the online chat or by e-mail [email protected]
  3. We also post tip articles and installation instructions on our website.
  4. In our store, you can also purchase some auxiliary products for installing polyurethane parts.

We hope that our installation instructions and recommendations will help you install polyurethane parts without difficulty and enjoy your extreme off-road trips.

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