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We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation:

  • Regional representatives, wholesalers, installation centers, service stations from any region.
  • Owners of websites and forums for automobiles, snowmobiles, weapons, hunting. Administrators of technical forums dedicated to car repair and tuning, ATV forums and clubs, auto clubs and 4×4 clubs,
  • Foremen of production sites, chief engineers, heads of manufacturing companies for the manufacture or repair of complex rubber-containing products for imported and domestic equipment.
  • Organizers of festivals, races, rallies, off-road expeditions and other auto and motorcycle events.

Benefits you get while working with us:

  • Products of high quality material straight from manufacturer;
  • Flexible system of discounts;
  • Daily delivery all over the world;
  • Free promotional items;
  • We recommend you to our customers in your region;

If you are interested in wholesale purchases, please, fill in the form.

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