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Turned polyurethane seals

The company “POLIURETHAN” from Siberia offers a solution of the problems with replacement of seals in the fastest time.

полиуретановые уплотнения
  • Was the seal worn out on a Japanese standard vehicle? Will it take a long time to wait for delivery? – We will help.
  • Changed the composition of the fluids pumped through the seal? Therefore, do branded seals degrade almost instantly? – We will make an alternative.
  • Imported equipment cannot withstand frost and cuffs crumble? – Ours will withstand up to -400C.
  • Can’t pick up a seal for a repaired hydraulic cylinder from standard seals? – We’ll do the right thing.
  • Have 5 bushings on the conveyor become unusable, and the manufacturer offers only a complete repair kit of 200 pieces and only after 3 months? – We will do exactly as much as you need and when you need it!

The new technology of turning polyurethane allows us to quickly and accurately manufacture products according to your size from one to several thousand pieces. Seals based on a universal catalog of 300 basic options can be produced in one day! A wide range of materials allows you to select seals and rings for almost any application: from ultra-low temperatures to interaction with strong solvents.

Here are specific examples of when our seals saved the day for the customer.

Our customer is the owner of the Howo truck fleet. It so happened that at once on 2 of his trucks the seals of the power steering were out of order. Responsible for the supply rushed to look for a replacement – he could not find analogues, turned to the manufacturer – was refused. The specialists of Polyurethan LLC produced the necessary seals within a day according to the samples provided.

A similar incident occurred with a failed forklift. The manufacturer promised to provide new seals not earlier than in a month. As a result, the issue was resolved in a day by making a similar Teflon seal.

The company “Polyurethan” helped to solve a serious problem for the world’s only Center for Prototyping Nanomaterials from the Siberian Scientific Center (OCSiAl). On the equipment they supplied to China, when the technology changed, the standard seals could not withstand interaction with new reagents. Equipment downtime threatened with serious financial costs. In 2 days, LLC “Polyurethan” not only produced 200 new seals, but also organized their delivery to China by the next night plane.

The newest equipment of the Novosibirsk manufacturer Polyurethan LLC and the skillful hands of highly qualified specialists are at your service. If you have a need for seals, please write to [email protected].

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