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Installation instructions for spring spacers


Spring spacers are used when body roll is required. In this case, the spring spacers are installed on one side. The spacers will also help extend the life of old springs and save a lot on your budget.

The height of the spring spacer is selected based on the design features of the car and taking into account the desired result. Typically, car spring spacers are 20 to 50 mm high. If you have even a little experience in car repair, installing spring spacers will not be difficult.


  1. Raise the car with a jack.
  2. Dismantle the rack, disassemble it.
  3. Remove the studs on the support bearing by pressing them.
  4. Replace the removed studs with new, increased ones, in accordance with the height of the spring spacer.
  5. Assemble the rack in reverse order.
  6. Place the spring spacer on top of the support bearing.
  7. Install the strut with spring spacer to the vehicle.

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