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Grease for CV joints

In our online store, we offer a proven lubricant for ball and tripod CV joints. Both types of grease are frost-resistant and can be used at low temperatures down to -50°С without loss of plasticity and other properties.

It is known that CV joints operate in a very intense mode, therefore, increased requirements are imposed on the durability of this unit. The CV joint grease is an important element to ensure the good performance of this important joint. For two different types of CV joints, different types of grease are used.

The grease for ball CV joints contains molybdenum disulfide, as evidenced by its characteristic grayish-black color, and can be used from -60٥C to + 120٥C, without losing its properties, provides good sliding and strong adhesion to the lubricated surface. With continued use, it helps to reduce wear and extend the life of the CV joint.

Synthetic based grease for tripod CV joints with the addition of mineral oil ensures smooth operation of the tripod bearing. This grease has a characteristic green color and, like the grease for ball bearings, retains its properties in the temperature range from -60 ° C to + 120 ° C.

How much grease should be applied when replacing the boot?

The entire CV joint must be coated with grease. However, do not fill the entire boot with grease. Indeed, during operation of the unit, it can heat up, the volume of lubricant increases, and it can break the boot. Read more on our blog.

When do you need to replace the CV joint grease?

The CV joint grease is intended for the entire period of the CV joint operation. However, if the boot is torn, it must be replaced. In this case, the entire CV joint should be cleaned of the previous grease, apply a new grease, and then put on a new boot.


The use of the “correct” CV joint grease in conjunction with the CV joint polyurethane boots can significantly extend the CV joint life. However, in order to avoid surprises, it is necessary to inspect the CV joints during routine maintenance inspections.

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