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Use of “Double Grip” straps in conjunction with strap mounts

The strap moumts are used in conjunction with the “Double Grip” straps to secure the straps on a flat surface. For example, when securing cargo to the side of a vehicle (stationary securing area for frequent cargo transportation).

The use of this method of fixing the straps allows you to significantly save the time of loading and unloading, provides sufficient reliability and safety when transporting large and heavy objects of various shapes (barrels, cylinders, boards, beams, boxes, welded mesh in a roll, boxes, etc.)

What are these strap mounts?

The mount is made in two versions: fully reinforced with metal and partially reinforced. Reinforced with metal along the entire length, the “Bend Buckle” keeps the given shape (the angle can be changed). A simple “Buckle” is reinforced only at the point of attachment to the surface and at the point of attachment of the belt. In the interval between these areas, the elastic bridge allows the fastener to be folded an unlimited number of times for use, after which the fastener returns to its original state.

Mounts “Buckle” and “Bend Buckle” can be mounted directly on the surface. However, in order to protect the working surface from scratches, we recommend using an installation pocket for attaching a lashing strap (item code 33-00-083) for each buckle.

How to install the strap mount

Let’s consider the process of fixing the “Double grip” strap on the plane using the “Bend buckle” (33-00-081) and “Mounting plate” (33-00-083).

Fix the “buckle” to the plane using screws. The buckle can be installed directly together with the mounting plate.

Please note that the wider protruding part of the “Buckle” should be positioned towards the attachment object.

To fix the lashing strap to the buckle, take the strap by the working end and thread it through the buckle hole from the side of the wider protruding part, placing the strap under the cleat.

After choosing a suitable mounting hole, slide the strap over the buckle cleat as shown in the illustration.

Next, slide the working end of the strap into the “buckle” slot (back and down). As a result, both ends of the belt should be under the buckle and point in the same direction.

Pull the working end of the strap until it snaps into place on the cleat and in the slot of the “buckle” at the same time.
Now secure the working end of the strap in the mounting hole using the strap hooks. (How to fasten “Double grip” strap)

Installation procedure of mount “Buckle” (no bend, 33-00-082) is the same as above. Structurally, the “Buckle” has sufficient flexibility, which makes it easy to bend its wide protruding part in the process of fastening the belt to it.

Both strap fastening models – “Buckle” and “Bend Buckle” – can be flat-mounted as with the Installation pocket art. 33-00-083, and without it.

Using the same sequence of steps, you can secure the other end of the strap, while setting the required tension so that the load is fixed in place and to prevent it from moving when the vehicle is moving.

You can watch a short video to understand how it is possible to fix the barrel using the straps.

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