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How to replace the friction ring of a snow blower

The weakening of the tractive effort, the slowing down of the speed, or even the absence of any movement of the snow blower – all this indicates that the friction drive is worn out.

Friction ring wear is a common drive problem in snow blowers. In our step-by-step instructions, we will tell you how to replace a worn-out part with a new one with your own hands.

First of all, we drain the gasoline from the tank to avoid leakage from the neck. After that, on a level surface, we set the snow blower to the “service position”, by tilting it forward, we put it on the bucket (intake).

We remove the wheels. It is enough to pull out the pin and simply pull the wheel off the axle.

We unscrew the bolts securing the drive housing (depending on the model of the snow blower, there can be from 2 to 6 bolts). And freely remove it.

Now we can visually assess the condition of the entire drive. We carefully study the condition of our Friction Ring for cracks / irregularities / abrasion on it.

Attention: Working on a snow blower with a damaged clutch is not allowed!

Step 4
After that, it is necessary to unscrew the nuts securing the hexagonal shaft.
And remove the cover that covers the bearing of the friction disc axis (support flange) from the frame by unscrewing the bolts on them. This allows the hexagonal shaft to be freely dismantled.

Step 5
Remove the Friction Ring.

Step 6
Next, unscrew the bolts on it (depending on the model of the snow blower, 3-6 bolts).

Step 7
We select the new clutch ring of the required size. Divide the plate into two halves. We remove the old, worn out ring and install a new one in the seat.

Step 8
We assemble the disc and put it back into place in the snow blower.

In the reverse order, we assemble the snow blower and as a result you are ready to continue the struggle for the cleanliness of the territory!

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