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Snowmobile Ski Buffer Installation Instructions

If you need to replace the snowmobile ski buffer and are interested in how to install the ski heel yourself, we offer you a short, universal instruction for installing / replacing the buffer (heel, damper, stopper) of a snowmobile ski, which is suitable for almost any model of snowmobile.


First of all, it is necessary to prepare the working area: put the snowmobile on a level place, apply the parking brake, clean the attachment point of the suspension arm with the ski (buffer zone) from dirt. Prepare the jack.

ATTENTION! To prevent the snowmobile from tipping over when working, it is recommended to use a jack and place it under the front frame.

In the area of the ski damper, loosen the nut on the bolt that secures the ski to the lever.
The front of the snowmobile must be raised. Raising the front will make it much easier to remove the bolt as it will not be pinched.

Remove the bolt at the joint between the stub axle and the ski. Remove the buffer (damper) from the seat in the ski. Install a new Polyurethane bumper in the seat.

If necessary, clean the seat of the pressed-in dirt. Also, clean the bolt, its threads and through holes through which the mounting bolt passes, that is, in the ski itself and in the pivot pin.

Using a bolt, threading through the holes, connect the ski to the trunnion and tighten the nut.

If necessary, after lowering the snowmobile from the jack, you can additionally stretch the nut.

As a result of all these simple actions, you are ready for new snow adventures!

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