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Composite silent blocks

We offer an effective and, perhaps, the best replacement for silent blocks with a vertical axle position in the suspension unit, operating in “swinging” conditions.

Initially, such silent blocks have a more complex configuration. They have additional zones of softness, designed for unhindered swinging of the silent block relative to the inner metal sleeve and to reduce deformation of the rubber part.

When using original products of this type, the following problems often arise:

  1. Separation of the inner metal sleeve.
  2. Breaking and deformation of the entry point of the inner sleeve.
  3. Dust and dirt getting into the hole and, as a result, creaking and accelerated wear of the entire silent block.

The solution has been found – composite polyurethane silent blocks!

As a solution to these problems, the company “Polyurethan” has released silent blocks of improved design – composite silent blocks.

Outstanding design differences of the composite silent block

The composite silent block consists of 4 separate parts: a central part (outer metal sleeve plus polymer layer), an inner metal sleeve and 2 dust boots. The ready-to-sell product is composed from the listed components – hence the name “composite“. Such a solution is possible due to the incredible resistance of polyurethane to abrasion and friction at the points of contact between polyurethane-metal and polyurethane-polyurethane. Rubber is unsuitable for this design.

Solving the problem of separation of the metal sleeve

The problem of separation of the metal sleeve is solved in such a way that in these silent blocks the inner metal sleeve is not glued to the polymer layer, but is pressed in (for more details, see the article about silent blocks with a pressed-in inner sleeve). Thus, the separation of polyurethane from the metal is impossible, since there is initially no connection between them.

Unobstructed swing of the composite vertical silent block

Unlike simply “pressed” silent blocks, “compound” ones are designed taking into account the softness zones, which are so important in the construction of vertical silent blocks. That is, the “composite” silent block of our production also has softness zones comparable to those of the original part and performing the same function, only they are made differently, using the differences in properties of polyurethane and rubber.

Solving the problem of dust and dirt

The problem of dust and dirt ingress was solved by the additional installation of two anthers that protect our silent block. The anthers also prevent vertical displacement of the silent block.

To increase the service life of the silent block and prevent squeaks, it is recommended to fill the contact areas of the metal with polyurethane with grease. A more detailed guide for installing such silent blocks can be found in the Instructions and Recommendations section.

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